Travel Smart. Pay Less. Go TRI-COUNTRY!

Traveling is indeed an investment. It’s time to see the wonder of the world for less. I’ll show you the most efficient ways to let you experience new adventures in life without breaking the bank.

Conquer the worldThe key is conquering the space — we immerse ourselves to the culture, live like locals, we haggle prices a lot all the time Lol! And it works! Timing is very important we do it during the off-peak season, why get stressed with the crowded season if you can own it likewise. Experience the same destination with fewer people, the cheapest way possible.

However, if Y’all love to hustle during the bustling season you may simply go TRI-CITY voyage like we deed just last week 🙂 It is the cheapest and easiest way to travel to three countries in one on a budget cost. How? We chose Singapore, Johor Malaysia, and Batam Indonesia for our first tri-city experience. Booked our hostel for three nights and round-trip airfare from Manila to Singapore is the main country where we will stay for our hotel for the next three nights and depart.


On our arrival, we started to explore this irresistible charm with beauty, class, unique architectural designs, world cuisines, festivities, nature, and shopping are bursting with intrigues that you cannot escape to discover yourself.

SG marinaHere’s a list of where you could eat out, stay and tour on a budget in the Lion City. I kept these lists even before we arrived and it helps a lot! It is really darn expensive here in Singapore so you better have a look at these to save those $$$ for what matters most! The best cheap eats in Singapore $10 or less and Your 24-hour Singapore food tour chow-list.

Fullerton Waterfront with the Merlion – As per the Malay guide, it’s pronounced as Me-layan!

Our accommodation via Airbnb condotel from $23 SGD per night, which you may share for up to 2-3 people. It’s a cozy studio near the main road of Singapore so you could save heaps on transportation via the city buses just steps away.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

View from the Marina Bay Sand Skypark Deck

For the cheapest sightseeing city tour, you can always hop in and out of over 33 tourist attractions around so you won’t miss out a thing. Transportation tip we preferred using Grab it’s cheaper than their taxi’s or via the City buses which are available everywhere. If you are staying in a hotel, we suggest you guys buy your tickets for tourist attractions like Skypark, Sentosa, Universal Studio etc. directly from your hotel reception area as they offer almost 30% cheaper than the actual prices.


On our second-day was city tour in Johor Malaysia linked to Singapore by causeways, we booked a tour guide who picked us up from our hostel it’s about an hour drive to this place known for shopping, First international Legoland in Asia and Sanrio theme parks, beaches, and rainforest. Desaru Beach has a strip of resorts, while Endau Rompin National Park’s mountainous jungle shelters waterfalls and wildlife like elephants.


shopping johorHighest recommendation to go shopping here in Johor, they’ve got the cheapest outlet stores on sale all year round that will bring out your shopaholic madness all premium brands, latest designs marked you’ll never go wrong, you couldn’t see these items on sale anywhere in Asia — yes, we thought when we where there to just leave some shopping in Singapore but we were wronged, we couldn’t see the same designs plus the prize was tripled!!!

For souvenir items, we suggest you buy it from The Causeway, all gift items where sold half the price compared to the shopping malls. You don’t need to convert your SGD $ to Ringgit Malaysian dollar since they accept it in all shopping centers, restaurants, and gift shops as in everywhere! Otherwise, once you exchange it back to SGD it’ll worthless.

Bus Services from Singapore to Malaysia Johor Bahru and vice versa


The Island is a small island in Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago in the South China Sea, it’s a free trade zone with multiple ports. It’s also known for its pristine beaches, seafood waterfront restaurants, nightlife, and shopping malls offering duty-free shopping. Nagoya is Batam’s main city.

sekupangGoing to Batam is just 45 minutes or less fast craft ferry ride from the Harbour Front Centre Regional Ferry Singapore to Sekupang Ferry Terminal Indonesia. It is the most relaxing, calm and neat ferry boat ride I’d ever experience.


Coffee Lover? Here’s where they produce the most expensive coffee bean in the world, Kopi Luwak  [ˈkopi ˈlu.a] either you add some coconut sugar paired with the layered cake a popular delicacy in Indonesia you shouldn’t miss out. It’s only available in Indonesia as they do not export this coffee elsewhere – the aroma of a fresh roast, taste like divine even w/o sugar, and health benefits are priceless.

Singapore Harbourfront Ferry to Sekupang Port Indonesia 

4FE58858-21FA-427F-A8E2-2FD942B3E9E9These sums up our Tri-City adventure you may consider going either for a short 4 days or a week-long travel itinerary. Remember to choose strategic countries that will let you go hopping to one country to another easily accessible either via train, bus or a short fast craft ferry boat.

4747FAC4-5DA4-4FF0-B841-A90EEC6B453CI hope you find this article helpful for your future travel plans. Say yes to new adventures! Feel free to Share, Like and Comment your thoughts and experiences we’d love to hear them.

Keep Calm and Travel ON Travelist! 🙂


Wanderers Of December Sun

Travelist Tips

Beach Please! — Planning for a sunny summery plunge in December. Want to experience the winter sun. Here are some of the best destinations to explore, with travel guides and tips, a list of top tropical beaches, and cheap accommodations. 



Is the biggest of Spain’s Canary Islands that reclines the western shore of Morocco. Temperatures in December can even now be relied upon to achieve a normal of 22.2 °C making it a prominent intent for winter sun. Warm weather all year round.


Tenerife Beach View | Photo credit to

Tenerife is an island packed with countless adventures. Wander in nature, unwind on the shoreline, climb Teide, go crazy shopping, see a show, walk the old town cobbles, have a great time at an amusement park and so much more.

Cheap Hotels in Tenerife

Tenerife Travel Guide


Winter sun of December, January is one of Cape Town’s busiest months, and all things considered. It’s normally sweltering and bright, and there are heaps of summer occasions to visit. Summer is going full blown.

sea beach water ship

Boulders Beach Cape Town

The everyday temperatures normal between 17°C (63°F) and 28°c (82°F), in spite of the fact that it can reach as high as 40°C (104°F). Cape Town has a Mediterranean atmosphere, which implies that it gets its precipitation in the winter months, so January and February are generally dry. Expect long, warm days with blue skies, when the sun just sets after 8 pm and there’s continually something going on. It tends to be breezy now and then, and Cape Town is an incredible windsurfing goal in January and February. Numerous individuals trust this is the best time to visit Cape Town, which implies Winter Sun is a top season.

Check out top Cape Town Beaches

Cape Town Travel Guide

Cheap Hotels in Cape Town


It’s nothing unexpected that the best climate additionally corresponds with the peak season these ideal warm days and crisp evenings for the most part start in November and last until April.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico | Photo by Alex Person on Unsplash

Cancun is situated in Quintana Roo, where Mayan culture glistens everywhere. Girded by the astounding Caribbean Sea, dainty coral sands, and the stunning shade of sky that rises up out of its perfectly clear waters, a visit to Cancun is to be in an enchanting dream.

Cancun Travel Guide

Cheap Cancun Hotels 


A summer Christmas feels is lauded by various New Zealanders. The mid-year-long stretches of December, January and February commonly carry with them immense temperatures and daylight. Days are long and radiant, nights are faint.

North and South Island NZ

North and South Island | Photo by Aaron Birch on Unsplash

So take out your sun-bunnies, and head off to the sunniest spots of North and South Island.

New Zealand Travel Guide

Best Cheap Hotels in New Zealand


December implies summer heat. So escape from the western chilly side comes the sweltering, humid weather with a likelihood of summer storms on occasion, particularly in the late night. Christmas, New Year festivities and summer breaks are the most awaited and busiest time of the year in Brisbane.

Combined with sophistication, unique and vast outdoor adventures, solely in Brisbane home to various concealed beaches on its bayside and close-by islands simply coastal. Pick your beach of the day from bumming to surfing under the sun.

Main Beach, North Stradbroke Island

Main Beach, North Stradbroke Island

Brisbane’s Travel Guide

Best Beaches in Brisbane

Cheap hotels in Brisbane


It is, for the most part, hot amid the day and gets cooler and breezy in the night. Situated on southern Thailand’s east coast, 800 kilometers south of Bangkok, Krabi territory is a zone of extraordinary natural distinction. Great virgin islands bordered with transcending limestone patterns, is putting it mildly to portray this amazingly charming region of Thailand. The Krabi coastline is spotted with once in a while visited tropical islands, palm-bordered shorelines, waterfalls, caverns, and ominous shiver forms.

Ao Phra Namg Beach

Ao Phra Nang Beach | Photo by Andrzej Suwara on Unsplash

Most accommodation is located around the beach areas of Ao Nang, Rai Ley and Phra Nang with some small local hotels in the provincial capital, Krabi town.

Krabi Travel Guide

Most beautiful beaches in Krabi

Budget hotels in Krabi


The northern piece of Palawan tropical territory is praised with perfectly clear waters, exotic beaches, and an abundance of greenery. Fabulous antiquated limestone cliffs dominate marine havens flowing with boundless types of tropical fish and coral and endangered ocean species.

El Nido Palawan

El Nido Palawan

There are more than 50 exotic beaches to discover, such a large number of captivating lagoons with serene turquoise-green water, gives in that can take you to shrouded beaches, and a very distinct collection of natural life.

El Nido Travel Guide

Best Cheap Hotels in El Nido

We hope you find this posts helpful. There are still a lot more to include in your travel lists. Please feel free to COMMENT, LIKE and SHARE your thoughts about this article.

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times


Travel More For Less – Bohol Island Guide Part 1

Bohol Blog

This place will make you not leave and just want to move to Bohol, Philippines.

After our Cebu adventure check out our tricity Cebu itineraries here for tips. We then hopped to this fascinating city of Bohol. How to get to Bohol from Cebu City since we came from Moalboal on our last Cebu destination. We took a bus ride going back to Cebu City Terminal. Then ride a cab going to Cebu Port where you’ll get a ferry boat ride as early as 6 AM daily going to Tagbilaran Port entry to Bohol City. This was so far the fastest about an hour and forty – five minutes. We had an open-air deck seat which cost us $12 per passenger — the open seats aren’t bad, although the seats are too narrow and not enough space if someone needs to go off or take in their seats you have to stand and move not as comfy as the business/tourist seats available which I think cost almost double. We also paid I remember a check-in baggage fee of around $2 for our 2 luggage of 20kg a piece Lol — We’ve seen how they secured all the passenger’s bags won’t get drenched as we were really worried about.

From Tagbilaran port, our hotel offered a round trip pickup and transfer going to our place. It’s really convenient as it takes the hassle of us being mobbed by those offering rides, tours which could cost between $37 – $94. Luckily, our hotel pick up cost only $0.94 cents Lol! We booked for 7 nights a flat with kitchenette and fridge with the rate of $16.94 per night so we then paid $118.58 for 7 nights. We came almost 11am before noon. It was certainly our preference to stay in Tagbilaran City since this hotel is close to the airport about 5 to 10 minutes away for our flight back to Manila.

Now wandered the roads of Bohol City from Tagbilaran as far as Carmen, Chocolate Hills with just this scooter road trip buddy and Waze GPS App as our tour guide. It is pretty common here for tourists and locals to explore the whole Island by motorbike, roads are safe to drive just make sure you wear helmets as the enforcers are very strict with this compliance. Imagine long drives with off roads too in remote areas.

We always chose our scooter buddy in all our adventures as we absolutely had traveled each of these places cheapest, even more, discovered beautiful places that haven’t been reached by tourists yet. But of course, this is only applicable for those up for real raw adventure. If you’re ready to get burnt under the sun, sweaty, dusty and sometimes soaked by rainwater so this is for you people, experience the absolute fun! There’s nothing more exciting to the soul than jumped off to the cold crystal waterfalls, dipped down the underwater caves and run free to the salty blue ocean water. You are then truly making the most out of your escapades, it leaves you trails of speechlessness, amazement and tons of bloopers along afterward.

7F55BB94-631B-4EA5-9012-1E7A4D25E734In Bohol, a scooter bike cost $7.53 per day rental the petrol excluded about $3.76 full tanked which lasted us for several days driving back and forth. On our first day, we trailed Tagbilaran to Panglao Island to search for dive shops, beaches and other interesting places to start our trip. We downloaded Waze GPS App as it is very useful to help you get around easily, fastest everywhere in Bohol without you getting lost — as we’d noticed there’s a lot of no left or right, U-turn in Tagbilaran otherwise you’ll end up going circles for hours which happened to us before we had Waze App downloaded 🙂

Alona Beach in Panglao

Panglao Island Bohol

We reached Alona Beach in Panglao Island for only 30 minutes via our scooter bike from Tagbilaran. There are land day tour options offered everywhere in Bohol which includes the transportation van and tour guides which normally cost between $100 to $200 or even more depending on your haggling skills Lol! 🙂

Night Life Beach

Nightlife At Alona Beach

Alona Beach is one of the popular beach destinations here in Panglao. When you reached the Panglao area, it looks like more of a city, they have ATM’s, banks, restaurants, hotels, dive shops, money changers, bars, malls etc. This island is bustling from morning till night time it never sleeps — there are tons of night parties and events happening every day.


Apparently, we could say there’s no off-peak season here in Panglao. It’s packed with lots of tourists everywhere all year round. Luckily, we were able to find one of the best and affordable local dive shops here in Alona beach to take PADI Advanced Open Water course, very friendly and warm people. We will have a separate scuba diving adventure storyline on our next blog to give you more detailed Bohol scuba diving experience with the locals’ tips and guides 🙂

The following day we are supposed to start on the advanced diving course, however, due to the rough water current, we weren’t able to do the course for safety reason. So we just trailed the longest ride going to Carmen for the famous Chocolate Hills. It took us almost 3 hours to get there by motorbike Lol! Good thing, even before you reach Chocolate Hills, you’ll pass all the tourist spots in Bohol along the way, so it’s all worth it 🙂

loboc riverWe were fascinated by this long winding river of Loboc, merely 21km from Tagbilaran City. You’ll see how clear, natural, forestry and full of vegetation this place was like a jungle river. You could try the onboard floating restaurant that serves all Bohol’s delicacies during the daytime cruise, experience the real beauty of Loboc’s habitat.

IMG_2188I felt the chills, foggy at noon when we passed this road, they called it the Man-Made Forest in Bilar, these are giant mahogany trees gushing through the long road located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns.

IMG_2448The Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary of Corella, Bohol is a protected ecotourism area for these endangered tarsiers. As per the tour guide, approximately less than 20 are in there right now. You can’t hardly see them, as they are too tiny, they require tourist to be silent, no flashes on the cameras while taking photos to not disturb the tarsiers, it can cause them stress. There’s an environmental fee of $3.76 for 2 adults.


Here from the top of  Chocolate Hills view deck of about hundreds of steps to this peak where you’ll be able to see in magnitude the thousands of cone drops Hills-like kisses.  During this time of the year, it’s a combination of greenish brown color since its a monsoon month. We had paid an environmental fee of about $1.88 for 2 adults.

IMG_2193There are tons more to explore and discover here in Bohol like breathtaking waterfalls and springs, limestone caves, Heritage sites, Ancestral houses that exist more than hundreds of years ago, Parks and Camps, Whales and Dolphin encounters, Marine sanctuaries —Best dive spots in the world. It’s an all in one destination for all kind of adventure whether for SOLO, groupies, or couples. You can never leave Bohol untouched, charmed and swayed by its natural beauty from its natures moreover to their warm people. #WeLoveBohol We’ll absolutely be coming back! We are featuring Bohol’s best dive spots in our next blog.


We hope you find this article helpful, please feel free to SHARE your ideas, COMMENT and LIKE  our Bohol adventure Part 1.

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. – Jawaharial Nehru

Wander. Get. Lost. Travel! – Part 2: Places To Go SOLO

Travelist Tips Solo

Travel far enough, rediscover, meet your soul and become part of the worlds best people.

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about doing a solo traveling nevertheless much resistance on their mind puzzling — The feeling of I’m scared, I’m excited and I’m worried —sounds so familiar isn’t? 😉 Traveling SOLO is the bravest, ultimate life-changing experience, every one soul in this world should dare go moving, as in right NOW! Don’t think twice, heedless of what’s your purpose, where Y’all heading and how you’ll freaking get started. Make it happen. One day you’ll look back on this and smile because it was life and I decided to live the most out of it, priceless fulfillment!

So come on let’s pack our suitcases, backpacks, and the cameras with all these inspiring memories.  I’ve compiled the lists to go to moreover begin logging in your next new venture as soloist the soonest.

Travel SOLO

First, check on the places, countries to begin our trails. It’s best to know which regards to safety, genial, and how custom these places are before hopping on your trip. As for 2018 released on Global Peace Index an annual ranking of the world’s safest countries records, here are the to-go travel places to look in.


Ranked as the world’s most peaceful country for the last ten years.


Purplish fields look surreal

Best time to visit. Summer’s the best weather months June — you’ll experience 24-hours daylight, an erratic four season weather in a day. July and August — expect this the highest peak times and relatively expensive season to travel, better yet book early to pay less. Plan September and early October are ideal as fewer tourists and school break is over. For the most essential local and serene Iceland experience take a dip in one of nature’s best wellness relaxation spot, Iceland’s Geothermal Spa, Blue Lagoon. Mid-October would be best to explore and go hot spring hopping, as this is not so crowded as the peak summer months.

New Zealand

Want to experience summer this December to February? Look no farther, let plunge Kiwi’s best, where everyone in the world has a chilly, snowy,  winter season. New Zealand offers heaps of adventures between North and South Island. Also ranked 2nd on GPI’s safest countries.

New Zealand

Waiheke Island

Go out trail hiking, beach hopping, water sports activities or just simply enjoy the pristine sunny days of December. From popular holiday spots to secluded paradise, these 10 beaches are bound to inspire your next beachside getaway.  Here are the lists of New Zealand’s best beaches to hop in and worth checking.


Enjoy the best quality time in Europe. Where you could have it all — snow icy peaks, green forestry fields, crystal clear lakes. Have a taste of their classic, finest culinary and wineries straight from the vineyard. berries-blur-blurry-39351

Known for its elegant events, passion for tradition and overwhelming nature’s preservation of its fauna and Flora. Want more of Austrian’s travel guide and Traveling Vienna on a budget. This piece of heaven is 3rd on the GPI’s list of the safest countries.


Is one of the best places to do your first solo travel. The climate is relatively favorable most of the time, abundant culture, unique heritage to discover, accessible tourism within reach by everyone.

How will you not fall in love with this charm? Each attraction is so easy to travel to other places.  Experience the beautiful warm soul of Portugal.


Explore on two wheels — yes, cyclist, electric or traditional bikes everywhere is by reach. Everything is so close, easy and more so ranked 5th as safest countries to ever travel abroad based on GPI’s. They have a 12,000km of signposted cycle routes each unique points trails to the heart of Danish living.


Public Transportation in Denmark is so easy, convenient and practical. It could get you anywhere in less time possible.

Coming together to share lifetime memories, enriched with culture, authentic traditions, and beliefs. No one gets this close to everywhere, the happiest place you’d imagine traveling. Cheap holidays in Denmark is way possible, need not be expensive.


Incredibly beautiful place everyone MUST visit and migrate. You’ll get captured by their fierce strength to elevate highest in the world. By their rich ethnic cultures, traditions, and beliefs brought them to endless discoveries. Japanese are very warm, hospitable and treat everyone with high respect. It was also ranked 9th on the GPI’s safest countries.


Osaka Cherry Blossom Festival late April to May

Japan is packed all year long when it comes to festivities and events. Every season brings diverse experiences to both tourist and locals. Start from the classic temples of  Kyoto to the entertainment city of Tokyo. They’ve pretty much had everything you’re looking for a natural wonder, theme park, Island, Iconic Architecture, Wildlife, Cruises, Breweries and so many more.


A country of endless passion and possibilities. They are more than just a destination. They may be a small country but has so much to discover. This country is very inspiring and futuristic who never stops to evolve and creates opportunities for everyone.


Marina Bay

There is something for everyone to visit Singapore. You’ll never run out of things to do from morning until night, as this city never sleeps 24hrs alive, beating, and ranked 8th as safest places to travel.


What makes Ireland an ideal place to visit for solo travelers? They are amazingly warm, hospitable and welcoming. You’ll never feel like a tourist, they’ll greatly embrace you more like a friend, a family and as how they are, regardless of where you came from. Undoubtedly, why it’s on the top 10 safest countries as per GPI’s ranking.


Belfast Botanical Garden

Waiting to be discovered breathtaking landscapes, picturesque rural to modern hubs and amazing festivities. Get found in Ireland.

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. – Jawaharial Nehru

We hope you find this helpful for your next solo traveling experience. Feel free to SHARE, LIKE and COMMENT. We’d love to hear your own stories and thoughts about this article. Safe Travels Everyone! 🙂

Wander. Get. Lost. Travel! – Part 1: The Essentials

Travelist Tips

Dare to live the life you’ve always wanted. Go Outside, Experience the World’s Best— And Be Awesome, Travel with Courage!

The idea of going on a holiday or trip is really an exciting and exuberant feeling. Seemingly for me, its work, travel, save, repeat. It helps us reinvent ourselves, our lifestyle and how much we’d love to do it more than just the planning than nothing — sounds so realistic indeed, right? 🙂

If you are on this quest every single year whether seasonal — summer escapade the most awaited, can relate lol 🙂 It’s best to take in your calendars out, your travel scrapbook from your previous trips and plot the next travelists. As it will help you get things going and make it happen after all. As we’ve always learned most once we had it happened, right? So think of the places you’d dreamt of exploring the topmost on your list — like Maldives, Vanuatu, Fiji or Greece and so many more. The most expensive the earliest prep time so we could work on our budget without breaking our savings 🙂


Maldives Island. Who would’ve wanted to live the dream in this fantastic wonderland? Bring us there now! 🙂

First on the list is the airfare cost, if you are a frequent traveler, always use the mileage points, there are lots of airlines who offer memberships for their loyalty passengers for free, and this will open you to the lowest deals all time while using your points earned to book your next trip.

Promo Flights

Fly more for less! Check on your mileage points and use it to get discounts, it does really work for me 🙂

Every trip we have is always DIY — obviously, we’d want to maximize our travels to the fullest without costing us more. Plus it allows us longer times to explore and hop into new places across the originally planned trip we have. Although, for some, they’d prefer those that come with tour packages, for us we’d experience that before, and discover a lot more by doing it ourselves. Why? It’s untimed to explore each place, it’s best to become locals in those destinations immerse with their culture and tradition after all we come there to experience daring adventures or nothing at all.

DIY Travels

Experience Glamping in the middle of the forest, then trail the wilderness and waterfalls 🙂

Don’t listen to what they say. Go see. Travel the world more for less.

Accommodations need not be expensive. During our first year of holidaying, we’d always see ourselves in those flush hotels. Little did we know, that we could get more worth of what we’ve paid for in those places we’d stayed via Airbnb — this isn’t sponsored 🙂 Since most of the time. I’m the one who looks into places for our long and short travels. When we first experience this homey places it keeps us from going back and made us travel more.

The prices are tremendously cheaper that could cover almost 2-3 nights of stay for a price of a night stay in a hotel. It’s a big advantage too if you’ll come from a long flight then you’d not know the delays and times you’ll get to your destination. The host wouldn’t mind to not charge you if you’ll need to check in earliest or check out late, but of course, you’d have to advice them ahead if you foresee this happening. What I’d love staying here too is it comes with a fully furnished home, where you could cook your own meals, you’ve got everything you’d need. Honestly, it saves us more on our meals, we’d just go to the local markets, buy ingredients and do stock some groceries, all fresh. Sometimes, the host would even prepare some dinner or fresh fruits for free and care to give us tips where’s and how to go to places. Basically, you’ll feel like you’re home, relax with convenience for less.

Host places

Feel and experience to live like locals in every place you’d go.

Lastly, if you’ll go DIY, better to download those free GPS Apps, it’s a MUST. Your exploration and adventure will be a lot easier, way faster and efficient. You’ll even discover less traveled places yourself without worrying about getting lost LOL. Based on experience it does save us time, a lot of time wondering how and where — my gosh, we’d got lost twice in one of our trips, it took us two hours heading back to our place. Then the following morning we just downloaded this Waze App (Isn’t sponsored) and used it all the time for smooth and hassle-free travels. What we’d essentially do we ask our host if they also offer motorbike or car rentals for the days will be staying, which mostly they do and it’s pretty cheap too 🙂

GPS Locator

Be a smart traveler. Always prepare for the worst and gear up for the best adventure of a lifetime.

I hope these tips and guides could help you guys in your next holiday destinations to come. We’ll bring more thrifty travel ideas and worth experiencing places to discover soon. Feel free to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you our Travelist peeps! 🙂

 “Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comforts of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things. -air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky. -all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.” – Cesare Pavese

Dare To Go. Free Your Soul. Discover Life.


There’ll be a point in our lives that you would find yourself, wondering and thought of what would and could’ve been. How are we to know and find the answers? 🤔 Go somewhere. Travel the distance far from where you are. Leave your comfort zone. Explore the world of opportunities closest to our reach. From there you’ll unravel the quests you are looking for and become fulfilled. 😌👣✈️ #SoulJourney #Liveyourdreams

Travel will free your mind

Find yourself and Be found to the place you truly belongs

Feel free to share your insights about your unending quests 😊

Cebu Mactan, Moalboal and Oslob TriCity Backpacking

Cebu Tropics

One powdery, fine as sand day to bum in the beach of Basdaku Moalboal, Cebu.

We started planning this trip a month before July 2018. After a continuous search for the best places to tour around the tropics of the Philippines. We then woke up in this haven of beauty with awesomeness. Our day 1 started at Mactan Cebu after an hour and a half 5am flight from Manila.  Where we headed for PADI Open Water 3 days certification in Mactan Marina Bay. We were able to book a rustic style hostel a big room — I never expected, peaceful and quite near the place about 5-10 mins. away from the bay, you could literally just walk going back and forth Balibago City for 2nights at $37 USD. Places to eat are everywhere, from cozy resto to fast-food chains. We recommend just to go for a walk or ride a jeepney for only about a penny fare for two.

After we spent 3days in Mactan. Our next destination was Moalboal southern tip of Cebu. We left 6am in Mactan, rode a cab going to Cebu City bus terminal going to Moalboal — cheapest way to go there via bus rather than renting a Van that will cost almost a $100. Mactan is a bit far from the main terminal so it cost us about $4.65 USD ride straight there pretty comfy and fast ride though. 😉 From the Cebu City bus terminal, we took a bus heading to Moalboal for two about $2.79 USD — Not bad for a 3hour AC bus ride plus it saves us about $97 lol!😎


Since it’s a sudden change of itinerary, which were supposed to head to Malapascua originally — from the complete opposite side Northern tip I think it’ll take long hours to get there aside from bus ride you’ll need to take a trigger boat going to the Island which has specific time schedules only. So going back from a sudden switch of destination, here we come Moalboal a small town with heaps of things to offer. Luckily, we were able to book a beautiful nice place via, a night before we head here lol 🤩 it’s pretty cheap though for a $44.68 for three nights and we rented a motorbike $22.34 for three days joy ride, yahoo! 🛵 We recommend doing the same guys if you’re to travel in these places, not just it’s very practical, hassle-free to go places since there’s literally no cab here. It’s convenient you’ll be able to explore the whole Island just by simply using your GPS Waze app which was very useful indeed  —  it’ll definitely, get you around, found yourself to the unknown towns without the hassle of getting lost 😜 BTW, petrol full tanked cost only $1.86, which lasted us the whole three running days. From exploring the wilderness to finding where to eat and getting stuff in the grocery stores.


Become one with these school of fishes and underwater creatures in Pescador Island. You’ll endow a fascinating new world under this depth. Swim, breathe and bound to the real wealth of life.

Day 4 of our trip here in Moalboal. After settling ourselves for a while, we then started our exploration via the motor scooter bike yohooo! We found trails of dive shops along  Panagsama Beach. Just to let everyone know Moalboal is one of the best dive spots in Cebu. We were able to experience the Pescador Island known for its famous untouched and diverse marine sanctuary,  you’ve got to swim with the school of the sardine run and walls of beautiful coral reefs. Which was really a fun-tastic experience. The scuba diving cost $33.50 for 2 boat dives with your own gears plus 2 tanks. If you’ll rent their’s it’ll cost $44.67. This by far was the cheapest deal in there we checked around all the dive shops which pretty much cost from $37 – $46 per dive only w/ gears.

Following the 5th day was a four-hour motor scooter ride from Moalboal to Oslob. We started this sleepyhead 😴 long drive as early as 5 o’clock in the morning, where everyone in town still asleep. When we arrived at Oslob town it’s almost 8am. A long pile of people were wondering and bustling to get in the whale watching area. For locals, you have to pay $9.31 and foreign nationals pay $18.92 double the price if you’ll do the sightseeing from the boat, which is a walkway from the shore. If you opt to snorkel another add-on fee. My fiance did a shore dive we were able to haggle with the local dive guide $33.51 per person for 45mins. we have our own dive gears basically we just needed a tank and they said it’s a must to have a dive guide to get you through.🤨


Tourists were docked to these small boats few meters from the shore where I’m standing.

I was just observing what’s in it covering this crowded tourist place in Oslob. I bet everyday regardless if it’s a weekday. Still tons of people would want to have a swim and close encounter with the whales. I was dismayed and felt disappointed as to how these lovely whale sharks been used as a tourists attraction 😢 their natural habitat and how they should be in the ocean as migrants were shoved off them. While in despair, I felt really bad. I was supposed to do the snorkeling with the whales after my fiance’s diving, but then when I came to realized that I could just simply see it through from the shore where I’m seating. 😔 They literally mouth feeding them while dumping tons of fish from the little boat so these whales could just stay from the shallow where the paid patrons were obviously. Apparently,  hoards of tourist swam, snorkels and delighted – who would’ve not, they’re adorable gentle-giants of the ocean. 🐳 It was very unlucky my fiance was diving from the depths but could only see the whales belly from above under the boat where they are being fed. 😂

Whale Shark

Oslob Whale Shark from the depth about 40 feet long

Although, there’s a time schedule only for the whale shark encounter, which finishes before noon. Tourists are also being brief on what and what not to do. Like you cannot touch, get to close and wear sunscreen lotion. In the event that they get real close to people, you just simply cross your arms around you as they are really harmless and wonderfully made. I hope they’ll help preserve and let these gentle giants live the life they deserve in the ocean, not being held captives and trapped. 🐳 #SaveTheWhalesLives

Oslob Whale

It seems surreal to see them closer like they communicate with you.

I totally understand that this attraction brings lots of tourists in Oslob, but they also need to understand the effect of how these whales become human dependent. In the long run, they will not know how to live truly on their own how they should be — food hunting, migrating and learn to survive in this wild depths nevertheless living free in this wonderful ocean where they truly belong, their home and habitat. What they should do is to protect and relive the marine sanctuary to its natural state.

After half that day, We’d trailed back to Moalboal for another 3 hours. Luckily I’m in the passenger backseat lol 😆 Seeing a whole lot of different towns all the way back. We stopped for a while to stretch our bums from a long, sweaty, hot ride back. We then checked out quickly another tourist’s remote haven the Kawasan Falls in Badian where you could experience tons of thrilling activities like trekking and the famous canyoneering this site has to offer. The Kawasan Canyoneering cost about $20 for 2 people TIP do not settle to their initial quote offering – haggle that’s the key 💯 believe me they won’t let you go somewhere else and will settle with what you could only pay  to💰🧐 Be a smart traveler, practice some haggling skills 😆

Canyoneering Waterfalls

Let’s go chase this crystal clear, icy cold waterfalls. Soul-freshing experience

Our 6days Tricity tour has ended here. But the following morning, there’s more to come as we headed back to Cebu City, for our next 6days adventure in Bohol.

We’ll do the Bohol trip marathon on our next blog. More exciting experiences, tips, cheapest itineraries and places worth to explore will be posted the soonest.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving For Beginners, Intermediate to Advanced.

To all scuba diving enthusiast out there we’ll feature more of our underwater adventures specifics the how to’s, best gears and photography, cheapest but the best quality diving experiences from the locals, the suggested dive shops to get on PADI courses and certifications — You don’t have to spend thousands of $$$, ✅get certified only by the best will take you to the next level.👌

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote, To travel is to live. – Hans Christian Andersen

A Taste Of Thailand

Their food is as rich as their culture. All dishes are shared and enjoyed together, like a feast.


Thai’s culture lives with respect and self-control.

Relatively every Thai dish joins each of the four tastes. Thai food lays a great deal of significance to crisp leafy foods which are particularly apparent in their curries and each sweet that comes stacked with natural products and blend with their known traditional spices.

Thai cuisine is an ideal mix of sweet, tangy, salty and spicy. All best describes their rich culture and traditions.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

If you are looking for a traditional, tropical and mouthwatering experience.  Damnoen Saduak Floating is the place to be. Immerse yourself with the authenticity of their people, ethic, delicacies, traditions, and beliefs.


If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him…the people who give you their food give you their heart. — Cesar Chavez


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Welcome To Your Brazilian Heaven: Ipanema

The home of the worldwide bossa nova tune Girl From Ipanema. This territory is a total attraction of extraordinarily beautiful souls and pristine heritage.

Ipanema Brazil

A perfect angle of Dois Irmãos

This magnificent place is celebrated for its delightful beach. With Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers Peak) to one side and an incredible spread of blue sea in the middle of, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. The weekends amid top occasions can become busy, yet the bustling around of the shoreline is well disposed and energetic.



Captivating sunset view of the Ipanema Beach

Station 9 is renowned for social event youthful groups in a laid-back climate. The Sun setting Arpoador is the best spot to see the night. Behind the towering Dois Irmãos Hill is always welcomed with applause.


“You can shake the sand from your shoes, but it will never leave your soul.”

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Mykonos The Island Of The Winds

Welcome to Greece’s most renowned cosmopolitan island, a whitewashed heaven in the core of the Cyclades.

Mykonos: The Island Of The Wind

Find the marvels of the island, especially in its sun-kissed shorelines.

Douse up the air along the energetic waterfront and respect an armada of angling pontoons throwing brilliant appearance in the purplish blue waters. This is the place you will discover the Kazárma building, which filled in as settlement for the officers of Manto Mavrogenous, a courageous woman of the Greek Revolution.


Find the great vestiges of old Greece in their peaceful Mediterranean settings. This extensive trip investigates Greece’s most imperative antiquated landmarks, meander the winding lanes, vineyards, commercial centers and shorelines of Mykonos and Santorini.


Amid the mid-year in August, Mykonos is a standout amongst the most jammed islands in Greece, so make certain to design your holidays far ahead of time. To get away from the crowds, its best to visit the island during spring or fall.

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

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